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Tasty Jewels

Tasty Jewels is a match-3 style puzzle game. Would you be able to settle the riddles in the quickest time?

the most effective method to play:

Swipe to coordinate with comparable jewels to pop them and complete the level. Trade and match pearls to frame a chain of at least 3 of a similar shading in the Tasty Jewel Game. In the event that you match at least 4, you'll be compensated with catalysts. In this 60 level 3 major match game we need to coordinate with sweet diamonds in 3 man pair to address the missions in each level. The missions are as per the following: Reach a specific score, eliminate the foundation picture or consolidate particular sorts in a specific number of moves.

How rapidly can you interface these succulent products of the soil in this lively match-3 riddle game? There are heaps of raspberries, marshmallows, and so on sitting tight for you to interface them together.

best of luck!

Controls :

swipe to match jewels