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Rocket Punch 2 Online

Rocket Punch 2 Online: play as a great hero who uses his skills by using his rocket fist to remove all the obstacles in your way.
This is an online game, an incredible legend appears to unleash every enemy that has comforted the world with his impressively substantial force!

Your task is to help the little stickmen draw the trajectory of the rocket punch and thus eliminate all the enemies. Look around, take advantage of available weapons to be able to destroy your enemies at the same time. Break walls, dig earth, explode bombs, do what you can to defeat the enemy.

The goal of the game is to complete the game's 50 levels, each more complex and more interesting. In addition, You can accumulate many points to unlock new avatars and different rocket punches.
We believe you will have a lot of fun! Hit your enemies and destroy them!


Controls :

Use the mouse to aim and shoot or touch the screen on mobile devices.