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Merge To Million

Merge To Million: take part in this exciting doubles puzzle where you have to use all your wits to win.

You have to use the ability to observe and calculate accurately, drag and drop blocks with the same number to duplicate them together, creating a lot of space on the screen.

The game will have wooden blocks to create new challenges like never before. This will be more difficult in your doubles in this puzzle game.

It will be easier on small numbers like 2,4,8. However, it will be more difficult in the hundreds, thousands.

The goal of reaching a million is not easy in this game.

There are power-ups that you can claim to use in the game, however it will be limited to the number of uses.

have fun!

Controls :

Use the mouse (with the computer) or touch directly on the screen (with the phone or iPad).

Click on the cell you want to move and then click on the destination cell to perform the duplicate operation.